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    With products such as Smoke Protection Mask, Fire Blanket and Glow stick, you can protect yourself.
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    Use the 60-Min Smoke Mask to bring you out from fire alive.
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    Every 8 out of 10 people, lose their life in fire accident. Keep your closed ones safe with custom made quality products by ossom.

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While you might think of only fire to be the leading cause of death in fire accidents, the smoke emitted through it is also the culprit in most cases.
An environment surrounded by fire shouldn’t be crossed without the necessary protection in hand. Thus, we at Ossom Inc fire equipment design the most premium quality fire safety protection kits available in India providing ideal fire and smoke protection with all essential safety standards and revolutionary technology.
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Whether you’re looking for a professional smoke protection mask, a heat reflective blanket or a glow stick, we make that everything that protects you from fire is available from us.

Smoke Protection

During an emergency fire occurrence, getting surrounded by the toxic smoke fumes coming out of the fire is a frightening situation. It might not seem like a serious condition but the effects of smoke fumes are terrifying. Being surrounded with smoke gases can end up risking your life making you unable to breathe. It is quite shocking to believe but to this date, millions of people have lost their lives due to direct or indirect inhalation of harmful gases emitting during such unfortunate incidents like fire break out.
The components of fire smoke comprise of compound mixture of gases and fine particles which are produced when wood and other materials are burned down. Due to the unwanted inhalation of such poisonous smoke, a human body fails to breath in oxygen in a proper manner, which results in shortness of breath and if there is no quick emergency assistance available, the individual can even lose his/her life.
In order to save life during a fire emergency, an individual must try to exit the unfortunate situation with the help of Smoke Protection Products. Absence of such safety equipment while trying to get rid of the fire situation can put you in more trouble. To avoid getting caught up in a petrifying situation, you must get your hands on the high-quality Smoke Protection Masks by Ossom Inc.Products such as Smoke Protection Mask – 40Mins is specially-made to help you out of the emergency fire situation for exactly 40 minutes. Likewise, the Smoke Protection Mask – 60Mins will provide you with an hour to get yourself out of the emergency place in a safe and secure manner. In addition, using these Smoke Protection Masks also allows you to help the other people escape the fire situation without much difficulty.
Another safety product which can be of great help during such uncalled for fire circumstance is Fiber Glass Fire Blanket which is resistant to higher temperatures and helps an individual to safely get out of the fire emergency. Hence, make sure to keep the smoke protection products by Ossom Inc handy so that you can easily escape the fire break out without getting physically affected at all.


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