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Company Vision

Our one and only purpose has always remained to broaden our horizon and make each and every Indian more aware about the Smoke Protection Masks and other related items so that in the case of emergency, they do not have to look out for other hard-to-use mediums when they can easily make use of the easily accessible and handy Smoke Protection Products by Ossom Inc.

Company Mission

Ossom Inc is the first ever company to launch the Smoke Protection Masks and other fire protection items in India. The sole objective of making such Smoke Protection products available in India is to reduce the number of health calamities that happen due to the inhalation of toxic smoke coming from fire and protect each and every human from getting affected by the fire smoke.
At present, Ossom Inc has become a well-known brand in its respective industry and help countless people save their precious lives by providing them with the opportunity to buy any of the various Ossom Inc products such as Smoke Protection Mask – 40Mins, Smoke Protection Mask – 60Mins, Fiber Glass Fire Blanket, and a lot more. The items of Ossom Inc are easy-to-use and handy at the same time. Not just the adults but the products at Ossom Inc can also be easily accessed and used by the children as well.

Company Origin

Initially limited to United Kingdom, the Smoke Protection products were unknown by majority of the Indians. As people are very much aware about the commonly used fire extinguisher in India, they were equally surprised when they were introduced to these specially-designed Smoke Protection items.
The existence of Smoke Protection Items in India is basically connected to a real life incident which took place in United Kingdom and was experienced by the founder of Ossom Inc. Few years back, he went to United Kingdom in order to attend a meeting and while he was in the midst of the conference, a sudden fire emergency alarm went off. He saw many clients took out the Smoke Protection Masks and wore them over their head appropriately which prevented them from inhaling any kind of harmful and poisonous smoke fumes. People who were not lucky enough to get their hands on the Smoke Protection Masks were taken out of the building by the other professional firefighters.
While witnessing such an unfortunate incident, one thing that stayed in our respected Founder’s mind was the Smoke Protection Masks and how effective it was during such an emergency period.Due to the quick assistance of these Masks, many people saved themselves on time and made way to the exit without any injury. Though there were no serious casualties, yet many went unconscious due to the absence of Smoke Protection Masks.
After the Founder of Ossom Inc came back to India, he profoundly thought about the incident of United Kingdom and the way people saved themselves with the help of just a mask.He knew such kind of masks did not exist in India and that is why, he came up with the decision of launching those specially-designed Smoke Protection Masks in India so that the Indian people could also take great advantage from it and save themselves and their loved ones during an ill-fated fire accident.

Our Approach

Whether it’s about hazardous fire smoke or getting burnt by fire, Ossom Inc assures that you’re getting the right equipment for almost all fire-related circumstances. We’ve got the best possible solutions for almost all types of fire environment. When concerned about fire, we’re there to cover you.

We have made it possible at Ossom Inc with years of hard work while pioneering innovation. When you think of safety you’re practically thinking of fire and smoke repellent products from Ossom Inc. We have just lifted your safety to the max and we have also made sure that you’ve got comfort as well as longevity with the product.

Ossom Inc puts together all the resources designed for fire incidents. With Fire mask you can easily filter chemical substances and remove hazardous gases for an hour.

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